Many thanks to Geek Girl Con 2013 for hosting this panel discussing “The Changing Role of Characters of Color in Scifi/Horror” with panelists @DrRubidium, @DNLee5, @sargent, @GermanCityGirl, and @Lalsox.
We’d love to continue the discussion, so post your comments here to talk to the panelists and one another.  Thanks for attending and for the great conversation!
(Aside: apologies for the weird quality of the embedded Tweets.  That is a Storify thing. If you know how to fix it, please let me know!)

Changing Role of Characters of Color in Scifi/Horror

A storify of the Geek Girl Con 2013 panel on the Changing Role of Characters of Color in Scifi/Horror #CoC panel at #GGC13

  1. @DNLee5: #curlyhairmafia is about to get started: The Changing Role of the Character of Color – my panel at @GeekGirlCon #GGC13 #COC
  2. Discussing tropes “sassy sidekick” “sage” #COC panel #GGC13
  3. Great conversation about characters of color in film. Tropes: sage, first death, sacrifice, criminal, etc #COC #GGC13
  4. “Seems like you can only have one prominent minority character.” #GGC13 #COC
  5. “Poor L.L. Cool J.” – #COC #GGC13
  6. Mucho appreciation for The Walking Dead’s Asian character, Glen. Actualized, sexualized, and he doesn’t know martial arts! #coc #ggc13
  7. #COC Discussing media that does some race/gender things well and some very poorly… SLEEPY HOLLOW! Bad treatment of N. Americans. #GGC13
  8. #COC But Abbie and her sister are amazing and in more episodes. So… #GGC13
  9. And how about props for Grace Park’s character, Boomer, from Battlestar Galactica? #coc #ggc13 #bsg
  10. @lalsox #coc #ggc13 28 days later. Selena is a strong character who survives to the end.
  11. @NateCrowder: “The challenge for writers is to include #COC who are well developed, complex characters.”” #GGC13
  12. #COC Movies and TV shows seem to be more willing to take chances with white characters. Want famous/well-known actors of color. #GGC13
  13. #COC This seems why we see the ‘Lucy Liu and Idris Elba play all the white men you love’ meme on Tumblr. #GGC13
  15. “I’d like to see a well-developed villain-of-color!” “You mean like Khan?” – #COC #GGC13
  16. Outstanding discussion about characters of color in movies and television. Wish it could have gone on much longer! #GGC13 #COC
  17. Thanks to all who attended #COC #GGC13. Great conversation that needs to continue! cc @LalSox @DNLee5 @GermanCityGirl @Sargent