“It’s not like a regular school… It’s like a nerdlet estuary.” ~overheard in my classroom.

I am a biologist and science teacher at an independent school.  My professional interest include science curriculum development, research based pedagogy, gender issues in education.


Co-host of Mad Scientist Book Club (tumblr) or (G+) with @DrRubidium

Member of the Curly Haired Mafia with @DrRubidium and @DNLee5

Blogger/Podcaster of The Garcia Girls with @piligrace



October, 2013 – Geek Girl Con 2013 DIY Science Zone and Panelist

October, 2013  – ScienceOnline Oceans moderator

April 2013 – Science Online TEEN in NYC moderator

March, 2013 – Named to Future-ish.com Citizens of the Next Century 2013 List

January, 2013 – ScienceOnline 2013 moderator

November, 2012 – FCIS Convention, presenter

July, 2012 – Scientific American Blogs Image of the Week!

May, 2012 – Interviewed by @DrRubidium for io9.com on Why Facehuggers Make Great Science Teachers.

April, 2012 – My interview with Scientific American Blogs on Blog Around the Clock with @boraz

Feb. 2012 – My I Am Science post was featured on Not Exactly Rocket Science with @edyong209