I’m continuing to practice the sketchnote skills I learned at Science Online 2012 with Perrin Ireland.  Here are some of the notes I took during our recent professional development day, in which the focus was to prepare for a 1-to-1 laptop learning environment.  Taking sketchnotes in a “how to” type of talk (as opposed to the “unconference” style where I learned how) was very different, and poses some new challenges for layouts and organization.  Next week, I’ll be visiting some of my fellow teachers in their classrooms to sketchnote their various subjects.

Here is one that I took in a 10th grade English class on Act1, Scene 2 of Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

This is from an Honors Chemistry class on how to use the periodic table to determine electron configurations.

Lastly, here are some notes from a Senior-Freshman college panel on Making the Most of  High School.